Think SMART English

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Our Services

Think SMART English offers high quality education at affordable rates. A language Training Institute in Bladel, Noord Brabant, we deliver world-class training programmes that focus on a variety of sectors. With our help, you will greatly improve your skills and be able to communicate clearly with others.

Programmes We Offer

Business English

In this course, we cover everything from making telephone calls to writing emails. You will learn office etiquette as well.

Additionally, we can tailor a course to suit and anticipate the needs and objectives of your company. Classes under the Business English course are based on the Anglia Business English Resources, where an official qualification is offered.

English (General)

This course teaches the basics of English and applies them to everyday practical purposes such as making introductions, asking for directions and ordering food. Ultimately, students will learn how to cope with daily life in an English-speaking setting.

English Academic

An in-depth programme, English Academic is delivered at various levels ranging from the first steps up to the proficiency level. This particular course tackles the technical aspects of the English language including grammar and tenses.

We focus on the students’ conversational skills as well as their competencies in reading, writing, speaking and listening. On completion, individuals under this programme have the option to take an official exam gaining a recognised qualification.


Since Think Smart English has now become a member of Blik op Werk, if you require your NT2 status exam to stay here in the Netherlands then come to Think Smart English and let us help you achieve your goal. Using various materials and methods we can ensure all your needs will be catered for with guidance every step of the way. With focus on reintegration, culture and exam preparation. Contact us for more details.

Dutch (Basic)

This course is useful to non-Dutch speakers, as they are taught the essentials of the language. They will also learn how to make introductions, ask for directions and order food. Through this programme, students will be equipped for everyday living in a Dutch-speaking community.


This programme consists of a two-day course that discusses the tools and knowledge on how to become employable. The short introductory class is then followed by an after-care programme that lasts six weeks. During this time, students apply their newly learnt skills by using our resources to create CVs and cover letters, as well as make phone calls for job enquiries.

Homework Support

Available for children aged 7 and up, this programme allows students to use our facilities. Through this, students will be able to handle their studies and perform their assignments better.